Welcome, Spouses!

We are so glad you are joining the KU community! We recognize the unique background, needs and strengths military spouses bring to KU and foster an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all our military-affiliated students.

Transitioning to KU

Undergraduate students
Graduate students
  • Steps to using GI Bill benefits at KU: Includes information on
    • Chapter 33 - Post 9-11 GI Bill
    • Chapter 33 - Fry Scholarship
    • Chapter 35 - Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA)
    • Frequently asked questions about using benefits
  • VA Work Study – on-campus jobs in the Military-Affiliated Student Center for GI Bill users. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more. 

You may be eligible to apply for in-state tuition rates per the Armed Forces Residency benefit (AFRB) if:

  • You are eligible for the GI Bill/DEA
  • Your sponsor was permanently stationed in Kansas during service and/or was a Kansas resident prior to joining the service
  • You are the spouse of current Active Duty, Reservist, or Kansas National Guard member

Yellow Ribbon Program funding is available for Post-9/11 GI Bill users NOT eligible for in-state tuition (i.e. those living outside Kansas while attending classes at KU). No need for Yellow Ribbon if you live in Kansas while attending KU; apply for AFRB instead.

Online students: Most online programs offer flat-rate tuition.



Programs & Resources for Students

Located in 345 Summerfield Hall, we offer spouses study and meeting spaces, computers, a 24-7 lounge, and dedicated staff to provide support tailored to all military-affiliated students. Learn more about the center.

TRICARE On-Campus Considerations

TRICARE beneficiaries: The on-campus Watkins Health Center is not an in-network provider, but students can receive some services for free or reduced rates. Learn more about TRICARE and Watkins Health Center.

Note: The following information is not military-related and is applicable to all KU students.

  • Students can receive some services for free or reduced rates at Watkins Health Center regardless of health insurance. Every Lawrence campus student at KU pays a health fee each semester as part of the mandatory campus fees. It is not optional. The health fee entitles the student to be seen by WHS providers at no charge for the office visit. However, if the provider orders lab tests, X-rays, medications, etc., there are charges for those services. Students receive a reduced rate for those charges which are very often well below the local market. This health fee is not the same as health insurance.
  • The Kansas Board of Regents offers optional health insurance to students and their spouses/dependents. For more information on the KBOR plan or to enroll, please visit United Healthcare Student Resources.

Preparing for the Next Chapter

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