Parent School Letter Request

KU students taking classes at another school

You may be able to use your VA benefits to pay for those classes. The classes must be transferable and count toward graduation.

Your "parent" school is the institution that has your eligibility information, official degree plan and is on record with the VA. All other schools are "secondary."

To request your Parent School Letter:

  • Complete the appropriate steps for New & Transfer students or Returning & Continuing Students on our Using VA Benefits page and be sure to identify the other school and classes on that form.
  • The school you are taking classes at may also have you complete some paperwork. Reach out to their School Certifying Official to find out what you need to do through them.

We will will process your paperwork and issue the letter directly to the secondary school.

Guest students taking classes at KU

If you are seeking a degree at another school but taking a class at KU, you are considered a "guest student."

Follow the instructions on our Using VA Benefits page under "Guest Students."

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