Welcome, Service Members!

We are so glad you are joining the KU community! Located in 345 Summerfield, we are your centralized resource and offer study and meeting spaces, computers, CAC readers, a 24-7 lounge, dedicated staff to provide support tailored to all military-affiliated students, and more.

Transitioning to KU

Undergraduate students

  • Apply to KU (Note: ACT/SAT scores are NOT needed if you're over 21 years old.)
  • We offer undergraduate admission application fee waivers for military. When applying as a degree-seeking student, select your military affiliation. A fee waiver option will then show up later in the application. To verify military status, submit a copy of your orders, AARTS, SMARTS or DD-214 to the Office of Admissions via email, fax (785-864-5017) or mail.
  • KU awards some college credit for military courses. Visit the KU credit transfer page and look for the “military service credit” section for more details. To get credit for military courses, order a copy of your military transcripts from the JST system. (Air Force – get yours from the CCAF).
  • You may be eligible for foreign language proficiency credits, credit from CLEP exams, and/or credit for high school work: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate (regardless of when you graduated high school). Visit the Credit and Exemption for High School Work page to learn more.

Graduate students

Start with your Education Service Officer/counselor prior to enrolling to determine eligibility. Not sure who that is? Talk with your NCO or:

Steps to using tuition assistance

In-state tuition is available per the Armed Forces Residency benefit for active duty.

  • Yellow Ribbon Program funding is not needed for active duty, as you get in-state tuition with a copy of your orders.
  • Online students: Most online programs offer flat-rate tuition, so no need to apply for residency.

Academic Programs for Military Personnel

KU offers specialized language training through the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) for military personnel stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Fort Riley, and Fort Leonard Wood. For more information, visit the KU Language Training Center.

Learn more about programs in/for:

  • MBA - Petroleum Management: The MBA with a concentration in Petroleum Management combines a unique curriculum of master’s level business and engineering courses enabling U.S. Naval Supply Corps officers to transition to billets as fuels specialists. For more information, email Dee Steinle or call 785-864-7596.
  • Foreign Area Officer programs: Providing courses in over 40 foreign languages and supported through five regional study centers, KU offers 12-18 month MA programs for FAOs in the Americas, Europe, Eurasia, China, North Africa, Middle East, North Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. KU is one of the few universities nationwide that responded to the Army requirement and successfully developed multiple one-year MA programs for FAOs. For more information, contact Trent Williams, FAO coordinator.
  • Military History: The KU Department of History has enjoyed a close association with the faculty, research programs, and students of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. KU faculty and graduate students have access to the extensive holdings of the Combined Arms Research Library at CGSC. As well, since its inauguration in 1986, Modern War Studies, published by the University Press of Kansas, has become, arguably, the most outstanding book series anywhere in the field of military history. To learn more about the Military History program at KU, contact Prof. Adrian Lewis in the History Department.
  • Master of Public Administration: The MPA is the professional degree for those who seek leadership positions in public service. The MPA is designed to develop the skills necessary to confront society’s most important problems.
  • Masters in Digital Content Strategy: This program trains graduates to find, use and analyze information and data to solve organizational problems. Build skills you can use immediately while broadening your thinking and encouraging a mindset for adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. With certificates in Social Media Strategy and Data Interpretation and Communication, you can become the information expert in your organization.

KU Programs offered in Leavenworth

Leavenworth offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs available for completion at your convenience. Students can pursue KU coursework that can be completed within 10 months through accelerated programming and flexible class times to fit the busy schedules of working adults and military careers. Visit the Leavenworth page for more details on the programs below.

  • Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security: Law & Policy
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security: Law & Policy (City of Leavenworth): This MS degree is one of the nation's only graduate degrees in Homeland Security to be offered within a School of Law.  This highly interdisciplinary degree prepares officers to develop policies, strategies, plans and programs to reduce America's vulnerability to the full range of homeland security threats and potential catastrophic events. 
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (City of Leavenworth): This program complements CGSC's leadership curriculum by introducing officers to strategic leadership. The curriculum incorporates relevant, practical knowledge balanced across the tenets for leading and managing people and organizations -- talent management and development, team-building and organizational leadership, strategic direction and change, and leadership.
  • Master of Engineering or Master of Science in Project Management (City of Leavenworth): These degrees are designed to prepare officers to advance their careers in the military, and afterwards, to thrive in the civilian world of project management. The program emphasizes the strategic role that PM plays in the performance of global organizations and provides them with the full spectrum of PM concepts and methodologies, including portfolio and program management, technical delivery, agile, and change management. 
  • Master of Science in Business - Supply Chain Management and Logistics (Fort Leavenworth): Developed in conjunction with the CGSC's Department of Logistics & Resource Operations, the MS-SCM provides officers with the opportunity to expand their future potential with a specialized degree in Supply Chain Management.  The KU curriculum complements the quality training and experience military logisticians typically enjoy, while providing a broader, civilian economy focus.
  • Master of Arts in Global and International Studies (Fort Leavenworth): Developed in conjunction with USASOC and the CGSC SOF Element. The program was specifically designed for officers in the SOF community, but is applicable to any officer who is preparing to work within the complex interagency governmental process.



Looking at an enlisted-to-officer program and want to earn your degree from KU? Make sure you meet the requirements of your program of interest, then contact the person listed below to learn more about KU majors:

  • School of Nursing - Cyndie Majher, cmajher@kumc.edu
  • Not listed? Fill out our contact form and we will help you get the information you need.

Advanced Education Programs (AEP) incorporate a variety of sub-programs through which military personnel can pursue fully funded masters or doctoral degrees. These sub-programs include:

  1. Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS)
  2. Expanded Graduate School Program (EGSP), which include:
    • Commanders Program and Menu of Incentives (MOI)
    • Graduate School for Active Duty Service Obligation (GrADSO)
  3. Performance Based Graduate School Incentive Program (PB-GSIP)

The Advanced Education Program requires certain documentation from the university to complete the eligibility and acceptance packets. These documents include:

  1. Letter of Acceptance. The Letter of Acceptance needs to list the specific program you are attending, contain the university letterhead, and signature block from the university admissions office.
  2. Application for Detail as Student at Civilian Educational Institution (DA 2125). This document outlines you proposed class schedule and timeline for degree completion. A signature from an Academic Advisor in your graduate program is required on the document to validate the schedule and timeline.
  3. Tuition Agreement. This document lays out all the costs of the program by semester and needs to match your proposed class schedule. Ensure the agreement also incorporates a caveat stating there is a potential for a 3-5% fluctuation in costs annually and confirms that the you will receive the in-state tuition rate. The agreement needs to include a registrar office letterhead and signature from a registrar official. You can obtain this once you have your proposed class schedule.

Programs & Resources for Students

  • KU Student Veterans of America – student organization open to all KU students. Service and leadership opportunities to help advance military-affiliated students' interests on campus
  • VA Work Study – on-campus job opportunities for GI Bill users

Located in 345 Summerfield Hall, we offer study and meeting spaces, computers, CAC readers, a 24-7 lounge, dedicated staff to provide support tailored to all military-affiliated students, and more. Learn more about the center.

Health Insurance from the Military

TRICARE beneficiaries: The on-campus Watkins Health Center is not an in-network provider, but students can receive some services for free or reduced rates. Learn more about TRICARE and Watkins Health Center.

Preparing for the Next Chapter

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